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Culrure paper - Jackson Farley English 111 11/9/07 The...

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English 111 11/9/07 The Culture I Come From I come from many different kinds of culture. I was one that always non-conformed to the common things the other kids did in my town. The culture I came from was one that I thought for myself and did what I wanted to do, not what the other people in my town did. Except I did do one thing the people in my town did, which was play sports. It seemed like everybody played some kind of sport, a team sport, but not a independent sport. There were decisions to be made when I was young, mostly how to stay out of trouble, which at the time I had no idea that is what my parents wanted in the first place. The first decision was to go to a daycare, which was a great place. The daycare I went to was one of the best; you could trust the people that ran it. The next decision, and I think now the more important one, is what sports I should be in. When I was four, my parents signed me up for soccer and baseball. I kept playing that until about second grade. Then it was my turn to decide what sports to play. I kept with soccer and baseball, but during the winter I needed to play a sport, it was either hockey or basketball. The city I grew up in is famous for hockey, all the kids did it, and I realize now that I wish I played hockey when I was younger, but instead I chose basketball. I chose it because I didn’t want to be like everybody else. Also that summer my mom made me
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Culrure paper - Jackson Farley English 111 11/9/07 The...

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