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Week10 - 1 As a class one complete exam will be written It...

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M&P Week 10 INDIVIDUAL REQUIREMENTS: 1. All students work alone this week. 2. Write 5 multiple choice exam questions with the correct answer in BOLD and UNDERLINED . 3. Each question must have 4 choices. 4. The following are not valid choices. a. All of the above b. None of the above c. Or anything similar to “A and B” or “B and C” 5. Only one question for each topic covered. 6. No TRUE/FALSE Questions. 7. No spelling questions. 8. The question regarding “0.3 in neutral density changing exposure by 1 stop” is not acceptable. 9. Your questions must be submitted prior to leaving class. The drop box opens at the beginning of class and closes at the end of class. THIS MEANS IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A LAPTOP COMPUTER YOU SHOULD WRITE YOUR QUESTIONS PRIOR TO COMING TO CLASS SO THAT ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS LOG ON TO A CLASS COMPUTER AND SUBMIT THEM . CLASS REQUIREMENTS
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Unformatted text preview: 1. As a class, one complete exam will be written. It should consist of 50 UNIQUE questions selected from the individual questions. Repeat questions will be counted as incorrect. The complete exam will be emailed to me directly at [email protected] . 2. The correct answer to each question shall be in BOLD and UNDERLINED . 3. The student’s name that contributed the question should be included with each question. 4. Each student must contribute to the final exam. 5. Care should be taken that there are questions that cover all 10 topics covered during the quarter. 6. This is also due by the end of class. GRADE 1. The lab this week is worth 20 points. a. 10 for your individual questions b. 10 for the quality of the combined exam NOTE: YOU MAY COMPLETE YOUR INDIVIDUAL QUESTIONS PRIOR TO COMING TO LAB....
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