Crime and Justice Notes

Crime and Justice Notes - If it caused them to much stress...

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Crime and Justice Notes Motivation For Crime- -Reinforcement for crime -Exposure to successful criminal models -Beliefs favorable to crime -Strains Constraints against crime -external controls ex. Mom dad -stake in conformity ex. Feel like you have something to lose -Internal control ex truly believe it is bad Prior crime is a significant factor -Labeling theory- people who are labeling criminals by others are much more likely to do a criminal act You have nothing to lose if your already labeled No more stake in conformity self infilling prophesy They get shunned by everyone ells whom are labeled a criminal Increases strains, no more self belief, anger, sad, no one cares about me If no one knows about it their most likely going to do it again Strengths beliefs its ok Sometimes prior times decreases reoccurrence
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Unformatted text preview: If it caused them to much stress Felt guilty Two Super Traits Irritability No self control People most like to engage in crime Risk taker Likes excitement Short term benefits Feeling guilty Standard of behavior Then your behavior Crime has short-term benefits Monetary gain Gain respect social gain Development of personality and maturity 4 key ways a person can responded to another persons crime Fail to respond all together Respond to news harshly and rejecting manner Supportive Rejecting to crime but supporting youyou are good, the act is bad FIRST THREEE INCREASE LIKLEY Hoodlast decreases Chapter 8 Outside factors 5 Life Domains biological influences Males higher in irriblity risky behavior READ CHAPTERS 2 through 8...
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Crime and Justice Notes - If it caused them to much stress...

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