finalpaper - Patrick Sheridan On War and Killing Phil 255...

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Patrick Sheridan On War and Killing Phil 255 Should the US go to war with Iran? Democratization is the transition to a more democratic state, a state with popular participation; but when another state, in this case the United States, is potentially using warfare to force a separate state, specifically Iran, into democracy is the pursuit of democratization morally justified? Is one state’s differing point of view of another state’s governmental structure a valid reason for war? To begin to address this argument of whether waging war on Iran is justified to achieve democratization one must look at the actual purpose and meaning that democratizing brings to the United States and contrast this with other governmental forms. One must also look at and consider whether or not everyone believes in or supports the notion of popular participation. Clearly the United States position on popular participation is not shared by all other countries. Ruling by a select few has always been recognized and supported by certain countries and regions throughout the world from the beginning of time. Even in the United States today, many people believe that the common man does not have either the intellectual capacity or the moral obligation to voice his opinion… especially when some of our citizens are simply not educated enough for their word or “vote” to really hold any strength. Furthermore, the argument for democratization relies on the fundamental assumption that democracy is the best form of government that utilizes popular participation. Are there other popular participation structures? Socialism is one of
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finalpaper - Patrick Sheridan On War and Killing Phil 255...

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