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1 The Leader Coach What’s In It For The Leader To Become A Coach Partnering and collaboration are more gratifying than directing and controlling Shared responsibility means less that the leader has to shoulder alone Coaching evokes much more of people’s creativity and talent for their benefit and the benefit of the organization People are less dependent on the leader for direction which frees the leader up to expand external networks, study market trends, pursue new alliances and the like The leader’s sphere of "influence" can be much broader when the leader doesn’t have to "micromanage" others The leader has more time to develop new areas of expertise which can add value to the organization and further his or her own career Breakthrough performance replaces incremental improvements, leading to new or sustained competitive advantage What The Leader Can Do To "Set The Stage"For Coaching In The Organization Read books and articles on coaching in the corporate setting and share what you are learning Network with others who have implemented coaching in their organizations Attend an introductory seminar Hire a coach to strengthen personal leadership and communication skills Enlist a willing and enthusiastic team within the organization to implement coaching as a way of demonstrating the benefits to the rest of the organization Create a compelling context—talk about the changes in the marketplace, and the need for agility with technology and for new knowledge Incorporate language which is coaching-related into the culture Begin to reduce redundant layers of management oversight and decision making Practice unconditionally constructive communication Endorse others who constructively challenge the organization’s existing paradigms and systems Tell others how you are shifting personally; this is intriguing and stimulates curiosity Pass books and articles on coaching around for others to read
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