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Unformatted text preview: The French Post-Impressionist painter worked until the financial crash in 1883 as a prosperous stockbrocker in Paris and Copenhagen. At the age of 35 he abandoned his business career, separated from his family and took up painting full-time. Gauguin's early painting is reminiscent of Pissarro while he was under the influence of the Barbizon painters. In the early 1880s Gauguin broadened his stroke, giving the paintings a tremulous rhythmic character. But he was financially unsuccessful with his pictures and left his family in Copenhagen to live in poverty in Paris. He traveled to Panama and Martinique and in 1888 met Emile Bernard in Brittany which whom he developed the art movement called Synthesism or Symbolism. Like all Post-Impressionist artists he passed through an Impressionist phase but became dissatisfied with the limitations of the style...
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