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love poetry - Ryan Barnes Comp Text Beginning Love Love is...

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Ryan Barnes Comp & Text April 10, 2007 Beginning Love Love is many different things to many different people. It can be a feeling of respect of a family member, enjoyment of an action, or a feeling one has for another person. I chose Christina Rossetti’s poem entitled “A Birthday . This poem describes the love that one feels when first falling in love with another. This poem doesn’t really delve into sharing feelings, but rather an expression of love. The love expressed could be viewed in many ways, but I look at it as new love. Based upon this poem, love, in the beginning, is a desire and feeling one has when spending time with their loved one. My outside source is a song by Avant entitled “I Wanna Be.” This entire song is about how the man wants to give his love everything he can. “I wanna be the smile you put on your face…I just wanna be close to you….See my life is filled with ups and downs, but I'm okay when you're around.” These lyric quotes from the song are very reminiscent of the poem. The poem, “A Birthday,” talks about how the birthday of her life was here because her love has come to her. A birthday is typically viewed as a happy, energetic day. Well, in the sense of this poem, a birthday can be whenever something special happens. In this case, her love has come to her. In the song, it talks about how the man’s life is full of hardships but everything goes away and he seems happy when his love comes to be with him. They are also alike because they both “lack” an interesting part. Neither one mentions any negative aspects of love. They both seem so focused on the good things of love that they forget that it’s not always 100 % fun and games. The
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fact that they are both focused on the good things led me to believe that the love found in both sources is very young and needs to mature.
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