ANTH 1300 Exam I Study Guide

ANTH 1300 Exam I Study Guide - ANTH 1300 Exam I Study Guide...

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ANTH 1300 Exam I Study Guide Important People (what is their contribution? What did they contribute to the development of archaeology?) James Ussher -the primate of all Ireland, a prolific scholar who published a chronology that dealt with time and dated creation to the night preceding Oct. 23, 4004 B.C. Walter Taylor - an archaeologist who advocated the study not of grand temples but the study of the common people of the time Jacques Boucher de Crèvecouer de Perthes (aka Boucher de Perthes) -a French customs official and naturalist, who first claimed the existent of very ancient man on earth, despite the chronology published by James Ussher Lewis Binford- an advocate of the idea of new archaeology, “not just studying the potsherds, but the cultures that lie beneath them” C.B. Moore- an antiquarian that traveled Southeast America on steamboat very thoroughly and discovered sites like Moundville Cyrus Thomas - an entomologist who studied intensively the mound builder hypothesis and helped to disprove it A.V. “ Ted” Kidder - an archaeologist of the American southwest and the Maya region advocated multidisciplinary field research, founder of Anthropological Archaeology Charles Lyell- an archaeologist who published the multi-volume book series “Principles of Geology” which discussed the doctrine of uniformitarianism” the idea that earth was shaped by slow moving forces” Important Places (What important concepts or ideas are these regions examples of?) Valley of Mexico “Valley of Oaxaca”- a series of sites that were surveyed using the full coverage technique, the site was an epicenter for the leaders to meet and a very rich community St. Catherines Island, Georgia- an area where systematic archaeological survey was used to survey a coastal area in search for a Spanish mission Chaco Canyon - a multitude of sites located in Northwestern New Mexico that were occupied in the eleventh century where vast trade took place, this site was used as a test site to exam the accuracy of random sampling The Carson Desert, Nevada- a series of sites where the hypotheses about the wetlands and their influence
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ANTH 1300 Exam I Study Guide - ANTH 1300 Exam I Study Guide...

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