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COJO 1010 Public Speaking Study Guide Exam 1 Chapter 1 Empowerment/Employment Source Message Decode Channel Receiver External noise Internal noise Feedback Context Rhetoric Declamation Elocution List three differences between casual conversation and public speaking. What are the five typical elements (parts) found in a linear communication model (Communication as Action)? Define and explain feedback in human communication. How is it used in the interaction communication model? Why should communication be labeled as “transactional” Define diversity. What specific techniques can you use prior to, during, and after a speech to deal with nervousness? Chapter 2 Speech topic General purpose Specific purpose Central idea Main idea Invention Disposition Why is being audience-centered so important to your speechmaking? What are the three general purposes from which you may choose?
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What is your specific purpose? What is its function in speeches? What is your central idea? What are objectives for using visual and verbal supporting materials? What are the essential elements of effective speech delivery? What are the elements of the speechmaking process? Chapter 3 Ethics Free speech First Amendment Speech act Ethical speech Accommodation Plagiarize Plagiaphrasing Oral citation Written citation What five things are considered when speaking ethically? In what ways may a speaker intentionally (or even unintentionally) commit plagiarism?
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1010study1 (sp08) - COJO 1010 Public Speaking Study Guide...

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