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COMM 103 Study Guide for Chapter 16 Understand the following concepts and terms well enough to be able to answer true/false, multiple choice, and matching questions about them. Exam questions may ask you identify terms and apply them to hypothetical situations. Good luck! 1. Broadcasting vs. narrowcasting 2. Convergence 3. Strong effects model of mass communication (hypodermic needle) 4. Moderated effects models
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Unformatted text preview: a. Agenda setting theory b. Cultivation theory c. Uses and gratifications theory i. Parasocial relationships 5. The gatekeeping role that media plays 6. What media competence is 7. The three components of media literacy knowledge (p. 440) 8. Critical Thinking, including all of the following: a. Its definition‚ÄĒAnalyzing, hypothesizing, synthesizing, criticizing b. Data c. Claim d. Warrant...
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