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Bio January 30 Euglenozoa – causes sleeping sickness Alveolata – Apicomplexions: parasites Feature Organism – Apicomplexans – Malaria o Failed eradication in 1960s Resistant mosquitoes Resistant parasite Question: Malaria doesn’t occur in the USA because the proper mosquito vector is absent – false (because we don’t have the parasite anymore) Gymnaboebas – cytoplasmic streaming Cellular slime molds – evolution of multicellularity How avoid cheaters? Complexity o Colonial (e.g. Volvox)
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Unformatted text preview: o Multinucleate o Multicellularity Feature Organism Aquatic amoeba (Percolozoa) o Brain-eating amoeba o Warm water Hot springs Warm lakes and ponds Poorly maintained pools o 1995-2005 = 2 deaths per year o Exposure (usually via nose) o 4. Death o Possible increase? Warming or drought Heterotrophic ingest a variety of things Blastula and gastrula stages unique to animals Cambrian explosion o Why? Predator-prey and atmospheric oxygen...
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