Chapter 1 Outline - Chapter 1 The Communication Process An...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 1: The Communication Process: An Overview 1. The Significance of Communication in Human Life • Benefits of having a communications degree in the workplace o You can have almost any job that you want o Communications an important factor in all organizations o Most of the time in organizations, the only thing that stands in the way of getting the job done is the ability to effective communication To communicate clearly and accurately in such a way that others have no difficulty whatever in understanding what you are saying or writing o A organizations can quickly train the employees with the skills that they will need to perform in their job but the skill to communicate effectively with others takes years to develop and not everyone can do it • Benefits of having a communication degree on a personal level o You can interact comfortably with family, friends, lovers, neighbors, and others o You live a more exciting and rewarding life o Communication enables you to acquire a personality • Communication is the foundation of virtually everything that is human 2. Defining Communication • Activity 1-2 (pg. 13) • Human communication is a process during which a source (individual) initiates a message using verbal and nonverbal symbols and contextual cues to express meaning by transmitting information in such a way that similar or parallel understandings are constructed by the intended receiver(s) 3. Communication as Linear Process: An Analytic Model (Figure 1.1, pg. 11) • Stage One: Deciding on the Message o The source decides on a message to be sent to a receiver(s) to achieve a desired goal • Stage Two: Encoding the Intended Meaning o The source searches his or her memory for specific symbols, such as words and gestures, and their associated meaning that can be put together into a pattern (syntax) that will describe the desired facts,...
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Chapter 1 Outline - Chapter 1 The Communication Process An...

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