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Study Guide COMM 1113, Exam 1 Suggested topics to read and understand before your first exam: Chapter 1: The Communication Process: An Overview What to know: The definition of communication Communication as a linear process (including the 5 stages) Interactive communication as a transactional process (and how it differs from the linear model) Accuracy in communication Chapter 2: Verbal Communication: Speech and Language What to know: The development of speech and language The nature of language (and the triangle of meaning) Language and social construction of reality Cognitive processing Symbolic interaction (communication and the self) Chapter 3: Nonverbal Communication: Communicating without Language What to know: The relationship between verbal and nonverbal communication Things that communicate (body, artifacts)
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Unformatted text preview: Actions that communicate (six actions) Nonverbal immediacy Chapter 4: The Importance of Listening What to know: The listening process (and what we gain from listening) Actions required for effective listening Responsibilities of senders and receivers (including reciprocity) Barriers to listening Strategic listening Chapter 5: Communicating Interpersonally What to know: The interpersonal context and characteristics Reasons for initiating and maintaining relationships Engagement, management, and disengagement Chapter 6: Communicating in Small Groups What to know: The nature of groups and social organization Stages in group development Informal, task-oriented, and formal groups Group cohesion and disorganization...
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