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Myth Test Essays.

Myth Test Essays. - 1 The Greek idea of xenia is the...

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1) The Greek idea of xenia is the ancient idea of how hospitality should work. The idea of xenia followed a few general rules which included that the host must be respectful towards the guest or guests, that the guest or guests must in turn respect those hosting, and finally that the hosting party must give a gift to the guest. To ancient Greeks the idea of xenia was very important for the simple reason that, per certain myths, they believed that their gods wandered amongst them and could take many different forms in order to travel in an unassuming manner. One example of this idea of gods traveling among mortals comes from the Homeric Hymn to Demeter which tells of of Persephone’s abduction to Hades and her mother Demeter’s subsequent distraught wandering. In this myth, Demeter shows up to the home of a prominent Eleusinian family and is taken in. The family shows good xenia towards her by providing her with a place to stay, entertaining her with one of their servant girls, and providing her with the drink she
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