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Mythology Essay 1 - 1 Seth Proctor CLA 3370 Spring 2008...

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1 Seth Proctor CLA 3370 Spring 2008 She’s Crafty Each society to inhabit the planet, whether they achieve any semblance fo civilization or not, has had archetypal roles set for both men and women within it. These roles and the gender typing that occurs from them are most commonly and easily identified through the examination of folklore and myths. Each of these has been passed down through generations and has thusly shaped the way people in that society feel, think, and act on a day to day basis. With respect to this, ancient Greek society is no different. Their myths of creation, their gods, their ancestors, and the reactions between them all give a clear picture of how they thought people should behave in society as well as how they believed the different sexes to be wired. The Greeks generally felt that though women were, as in every patriarchal society, inferior to their male counterparts, that they could also achieve things of note and if given the chance, even outwit or deceive the supposedly more powerful men into giving them what they want. Two examples of such stories where females are portrayed in such a way include the Homeric Hymn to Demeter and the portrayal of Penelope in the Iliad. In both of these works the women are put at a disadvantage because of circumstances which they cannot control. In both of these works these circumstances were created by a male figure that would, in traditional Greek thought, be in power over her (Zeus, considered the ‘head’ god over Demeter a goddess, and Penelope by her husband (who decides to leave her to fight in the Trojan War—which is at
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Mythology Essay 1 - 1 Seth Proctor CLA 3370 Spring 2008...

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