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Pillowman Essay - Seth Proctor March 3, 2008 The Pillowman...

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Seth Proctor March 3, 2008 The Pillowman In writing a play the writer must not only think upon the words for which the playwright assigns each character to speak, but also the ways in which the clothing of that character and others interacts, the way the lighting plays into things, and the ways in which the set and the props used in order to make it add to the aura of the theatrical experience of the viewer. In his work, The Pillowman , Olsen chose to capitalize on all of these through his lack over overall exploitation—thusly making the sparing use of excess color, or light changing, or costuming portend greater significance through its drawing of attention in such a sparse environment. It is this style of minimalism within the work that, in the end, is able to give the work the attentive qualities and meaning of any other which may have chosen to go the opposite route of extravagance. For his choice of lighting Olsen did, of course, make use of some lighting which was not merely necessary to view the play—though it did, of course, follow his trend of minimalism within. Throughout the play the only time in which any different light or color was given was during the flashbacks and playbacks, given in video form, of the writer’s stories or life, as well as at the end when green light was cast upon the brother in the summation. Beyond this the only use of lighting was to show a change in rooms through the projection of a barred window-like shadow on the wall. The effect of all of this was, as stated, that it drew attention to the few uses of light in the work. The use of the green light, as well as the idea of green being not only a symbol but also a double-meaning symbol, was quite interesting. When the summation is being given by the incarcerated writer at the end, it is his brother whom enters
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Pillowman Essay - Seth Proctor March 3, 2008 The Pillowman...

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