Bio February 15

Bio February 15 - -Trypanosomes B cell recognizes cell surface proteins generates clones antibodies in blood stream Trypanosome changes outsurface

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Bio February 15 The Bad Guys - Bacteria: o “Free-living” - Viruses: o Not free living - Other parasites: o E.g. protists, flukes, tapeworms, etc. - Two types of immunity o Innate (non-specific) immunity o Acquired (specific) immunity - Primary levels of defense against invaders o E. Natural killer cells o Destroy infected cells; cause cells to break open
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Unformatted text preview: -Trypanosomes: B cell recognizes cell surface proteins, generates clones, antibodies in blood stream. Trypanosome changes outsurface coat and causes different proteins to float in blood stream. Antibodies no longer effective.-...
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