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Eryn Welch 10 Key Terms Chapter 2 1. Affirmative action: Activities undertaken by businesses to recruit and promote women and minorities, cased on and analysis of the workforce and the available labor pool. 2. Cause-related marketing: Marketing campaigns that donate a portion of their proceeds to a charitable organization or other public cause. 3. Code of ethics: Written statement setting forth the principals that guide an organization’s decisions. 4. Conflict of interest: Situation in which a business decision may be influenced by the potential for personal gain. 5. Consumerism: Movement tat pressures businesses to consider consumer needs and interests. 6.
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Unformatted text preview: Corporate social responsibility: The concern of businesses for the welfare of society as a whole. 7. Discrimination: In a social and economic sense, denial of opportunities to individuals on the basis of some characteristic that has no bearing on their ability to perform in a job. 8. Ecology: Study of the relationships among living things in the water, air and soil; their environments; and the nutrients that support them. 9. Ethical dilemma: Situation in which both sides of an issue can be supported with valid arguments. 10. Ethical lapse: Situation in which individual makes a decision that is morally wrong, illegal, or unethical....
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