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Questions for Student

Questions for Student - Questions for Student What subject...

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Questions for Student What subject is your favorite? Why? What makes a good teacher? What are some teaching methods that you like? Would you rather take a scantron test or be tested on how well you do something? (ex. Foods class, gym, theater…) What subject do you have the best grade in? Why do you think you have a good grade in that class? Do you like the teachers and administrators at your school? Is there a separation of the students by how good they do in their classes? yes. Advanced classes. Girls and boys classes. Does this affect you at all? hate it. the ones in the advanced classes like it the lower ones hate it. boys and girls hate separation. Do you think there is a separation because of race? How about much money someone has? Are you in classes with your friends? Do you pick your classes? specials. Art phis ed. Music media center Have you ever not liked a class so much that you switched?
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