Bio February 8

Bio February 8 - -Obtain or expel something When might you...

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Bio February 8  Wednesday Lecture: Birds Adaptations for flying - Only one ovary Part of reptile clade - Feathered dinosaurs Mammal Characteristics - Milk and mammary glands, hair, endothermy Monotremes - Reproduction: eggs (external, hard-shelled) Marsupials - Location: Great American Interchange, Australian isolation Friday Lecture: Question: which of the following characteristics would you NOT expect to see in  these groups of eutherian and marsupials? Solid shelled eggs , maternal pouch,  hair, milk, complex placenta?  Surface Area to Volume Ratio:  temperature regulation, respiration, circulation,  etc.; as you get larger, you get much, much heavier Why not exist? SA cube = 6x^2 Vol cube = x^3 600 fold increase in SA Exchange with the Environment - Advantages: protection, life on land, increased size When is it a good idea to maximize surface area to volume ratio? - Increase exchange surface
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Unformatted text preview: -Obtain or expel something When might you want to minimize it?-Decrease exchange surface-Retain something Homeostasis: steady state physiological condition of the body-Thermoregulation and osmoregulation Ectotherms – body temperature determined by environment (mostly) Endotherms – can regulate their body temperature by high metabolic rate Which is not an endoderm? Fast-swimming tuna, swimming elephant, shivering insect, basking python , hibernating grizzly bear. Feature Organism: Wood Frog (Rana sylvatica)-How does it survive? It freezes.-Cryoprotectant: Glucose and Urea Friday Bonus: You encounter an animal that is heterotrophic, dependent on light for survival, possesses true tissues, and is dibloblastic. You would also expect this organism to also have: -zooxanthellae-nematocysts-radial symmetry-b and c-all of the above...
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Bio February 8 - -Obtain or expel something When might you...

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