definitions - Strategy- is management’s action plan for...

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Strategy - is management’s action plan for running the business and conduction operations Sustainable competitive advantage - is when an attractive number of buyers prefer its product or service to the offerings of competitors and when this presence is durable. Business Model - explains the rational for why its business approach and strategy will be a moneymaker. Strategic Vision - describes the route a company intends to take in developing and strengthening its business. Prepares for the future. Values - the beliefs traits and behavioral norms that a company personnel are expected to display in conducting the company’s business and pursuing its strategic vision and strategy Financial Objectives - relate to the financial performance targets management has established for the organization to achieve Strategic Objectives- relate to target outcomes that indicate a company is strengthening its market standing competitive vitality and future business prospects Strategic Intent - when it relentlessly pursues an ambitions strategic objective, concentrating the full force of its resources and competitive actions on achieving that objective. Strategic plan - lays out the company’s future direction performance targets and strategy. Driving forces
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definitions - Strategy- is management’s action plan for...

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