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Gaming Industry Report - General Overview of the Video Game...

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General Overview of the Video Game Console Industry: The Video Game Console industry began in the late 1940’s when television engineers began experimenting with programs developed for users to play. The first gaming devices were simple games like tennis for two developed by Brookhaven National Laboratory researcher William A. Higginbotham. The first set of these games were not very well made because of technology limitations at them time, and so the public did not really respond very well to this new innovation. It was not until the 1977 launch of the Atari 2600, the first home game system to achieve success, when it eventually sold more than 30 million 2600 game systems (Gamble c- 199). In 1985 Nintendo came to the rescue of consumers who were thirsty for a more advanced in home game system with the development of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). This system was the first or it’s kind, and was bundled with what is now considered a Nintendo staple, Super Mario Brothers (Gamble C-199). From this point on Nintendo has been in constant competition with other video game manufactures for market share in this highly competitive industry. Sega was the next to try to steal market share from Nintendo, with the development of Sega Genesis, and its staple game Sonic the Hedgehog, but that success was short lived, because in the late 90’s Sega retired from the Video Game Console industry. Nintendo continued to develop better machines that would refresh gamers, and did so successfully with the development of the Super NES, and the Game Boy. It was not until the mid 90’s when home entertainment giant Sony developed the Playstation that Nintendo took a hit to it’s market share. Sony has developed a game system that took the industry to new levels, when concerning graphics, and processing speed. It was then that Nintendo launched the N64 to combat the Playstation produced by Sony. A few years after the N64 launch it was time for major developments concerning the gaming industry, when Sony manufactured the Playstation 2, Nintendo came out with it Nintendo Game Cube, and software giant Microsoft used its core compotencies to develop it’s first generation video game console, the Xbox. Now with three major players in the video game console market, the rivalry for competitive advantage, and market share increased dramatically. Today these are still the three main competitors in this industry, and the competition is
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Gaming Industry Report - General Overview of the Video Game...

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