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Holes By Louis Sachar Key Themes ‘Holes’ is based in Texas, US and is about a boy who seems to have very bad luck due to a supposed ‘Curse’ on his great-great grandfather. He is sent to a juvenile detention camp, Camp Green Lake, for a crime he didn’t commit. It is based of the consequence of choices resulting from fate and destiny, and empathises the importance of friendship throughout the story. I tried various different layouts for my cover, trying to imply mainly the same ideas in all of them, as the title suggests. In my first idea I have tried to emphasise the basis of luck in this story, foreshadowing the fact that there was bad luck throughout. I have portrayed this using a four leaf clover, however there is only 3 leaves as one has fallen off, contradicting the original meaning behind a clover, as it is supposed to stand for luck, yet is the complete opposite in this
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