My thanksgiving dinner

My thanksgiving dinner - My thanksgiving dinner...

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My thanksgiving dinner Thanksgiving break, for me, is a time to get away from school for a week and spend some quality time with my family and the ones that I love. Thanksgiving dinner at my house is anything but normal. Well, I guess it’s kind of normal in the fact that we eat Thanksgiving dinner with the family and everything, but the conversations that we have are the “not so normal” parts. So throughout this paper I will talk about how my Thanksgiving dinner and relate it to some of the aspects that I have learned about in psychology. The first aspect that I would like to talk about has to do with social psychology. At our Thanksgiving dinner somehow the topic of politics got brought up and I knew from there that it was trouble. When the conversation started I had a very false consensus thought about how the discussion was going to go. False consensus is the tendency to overestimate the extent to which others share our beliefs and behaviors. I thought that just because my family was family that they would have to same thought as I did. This turned out to be very wrong once the conversation got going. I don’t really have a view on politics because I have never really been educated enough on that topic to really care, but I thought that everyone in my family was the
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My thanksgiving dinner - My thanksgiving dinner...

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