HD 320 Unit 3 - The marriage education program that I am...

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The marriage education program that I am looking into is a program that is called “Couple Communication.” The program includes a variety of different topics that it addresses to help with preparation, how to enrich your marriage, and also offers counseling for people who are struggling with their marriage. The program has three different stages, or programs within it: there is a program called Couple Communication I, Couple Communication II, and A Great Start. All three programs emphasize ideas that help contribute to a strong marriage. The marriage education program “Couple Communication” has a strong amount of science based in the program. On their website they have over 20 different referenced cited in their program. For this fact, I would rate the program a 5 on a scale of one to 5. The instructors that are available to teach the course all were certified in the area of marriage or family relationships. Since there is over 20 different articles referenced in the program and the instructors all have strong backgrounds in marriage relationships, I believe that the program could be very beneficial to all different types of couples, couples starting a life together, couples looking to enrich their marriage, and last couples that are struggling to make their marriage work. The effectiveness of this program is relatively strong. When I looked for studies about the “Couple Counseling” program within the CSU databases I was able to find over 25 different articles that were published in peer reviewed journals. Of the articles that were published in the CSU databases I did have trouble opening and reading some of the articles. For this reason alone I only would rate the article a 4 out of 5 for its effectiveness. The first article that I read that was
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HD 320 Unit 3 - The marriage education program that I am...

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