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4/2/08 Title VII (1964) Civil Rights Litigation o No employer shall discriminate in hiring/firing on the basis of race, religion, gender, or national origin. o Section 702- this sub chapter shall not apply to a religious corporation, educational institution or community, If it requires a specific religion to carry out the church’s activities. o Rayburn vs. 7 th Day Adventists (1985) Wasn’t allowed to be a pastor in 7 th Day Adventist Church because she was in a woman. Court used Ministerial exemption. Even though she wasn’t a minister The reason the government offers this exemption is because it is too
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Unformatted text preview: much entanglement in religion If it is against a religion to hire a female pastor, and the government makes the church hire a female, that is too much entanglement in religion because then that is maintaining how the faith must be carried out. • Title VII was amended to include age discrimination o A pastor was not promoted because of his age. o Court wouldn’t adjudicate because it is church matters. • Tennessee Academy dismisses teacher because she got pregnant. Chrisitan academy. Were they violating the Title VII?...
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