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1115notes - spying began because he needed money remarried...

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11/15/07 Counter Intelligence: Main issues: o People are concerned because it is people coming into our country trying to get details from us Now it has been a bit neglected for counter-terrorism, terrorist worries, etc Must remember when the foreign intel comes in its ‘friend or foe” “There is no friendly intel, only friendly countries.” – Kissinger o Countries with aggressive intelligence Services, trying to penetrate many intel agencies, including ours. France, China, Russia, Iran, Japan, Taiwan, Cuba Levels of spying by Russia are the same as they were before the Cold War. Robert Hanssen- spy for Russians, but FBI sr. Agent. o Rick Ames-Aldridge a bad spy for the US, worked in the DO worked soviet/Russian issues for about 30 years in the CIA, uncovered as a spy. – damage assessment- 10 or so Russian agents working for the US were executed after he turned over their names to the soviets. Claims initial
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Unformatted text preview: spying began because he needed money- remarried and had new wife who wanted a lot. o Clayton Lonetree—story different from Hanssen or Ames Marine Corps sergeant, Native American, lived outside of Minneapolis. Came from Minnesota, enlisted int eh corps write out of High School, began service at Guanta Honey Trap- using love and sex to trap someone into being a spy. Ana Montes- arrested for spying about 2 weeks after 9/11. Analyst who worked for DIA- worked on Latin America, arrested and charged with spying for Cuba for over 10 years. She turned over volumes of information, a noted expert on Cuba and latin American issues, could steer the direction of the tones in what she wrote. She spied for ideology. She didn’t accept money, did it for what she believed in, Castro, the Cuban system, etc....
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