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Quiz chapters 6-8

Quiz chapters 6-8 - Quiz Chapters 6 through 8 Swing differs...

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Quiz Chapters 6 through 8 Swing differs from early Jazz: More use of written arrangements Less emphasis on ragtime like compositions Less collective improvisation and more solo improvisation Less use of a tuba and more use of string bass More swing feeling, achieved by increased use of swing eighth note patterns Increased high hat cymbals Big band rather than small group instrumentation Sax becoming the predominant instrument Arrangement- Melodies were played by the entire band in unison or in harmony. Then jazz improvisation followed, accompanied both by the rhythm section and by figures scored for other members of the group. Since there was more people in the band, they had to learn how to read and write music, because it was too hard for improvisation. Head Arrangement- Count Basie big band was famous for its head arrangements, so called because they were worked out by the players themselves, memorized immediately and never written down. Riff- They were short, simple, phrases, that were used by some big bands as essential elements of their style. At times, different riffs were assigned to various sections of the band and played against each other. Comping- Jazz piano had the lightness, bounce, syncopation, and flexibility. Voicing across sections of the band- wrote passages to be played by combinations of instruments drawn from different sections of the band. The Cotton Club was a famous night club in New York City that operated during and after Prohibition. While the club featured many of the greatest African American
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entertainers of the era, such as Duke Ellington, Cab Calloway, Louis Armstrong, and Ethel Waters, it generally denied admission to blacks. The Savoy Ballroom located in Harlem, New York City, was a medium sized ballroom for
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Quiz chapters 6-8 - Quiz Chapters 6 through 8 Swing differs...

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