intel test notes part one

intel test notes part one - What is Intelligence?...

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What is Intelligence? Intelligence is a subset of information. It responds to needs of policy makers. Intelligence exists solely to please the goals of policy makers. Intelligence is different from other gov’t functions for 2 reasons. 1) Governments seek to hid some information from other governments, who in turn, seek to discover that information that has been hidden. Therefore the limits of the work is kept secret. 2) The same secrecy can be a consternation source, esp. in Democratic countries. The US intel community is a recent phenomenon. It is a secret entity within an open government.- people have problems with it, curiosity about its practices because some believe it to be antithetical to the US ideology. Intel agencies exist for 4 reasons: 1) to avoid strategic surprise 2) to provide long-term expertise 3) to support the policy process 4) to maintain the secrecy of info needs, and methods How are 9/11 and Pearl Harbor differet- Pearl Harbor was a strategic surprise. The goal of intel community is to keep track of threats, forces, and events that could damage the nation. Strategic surprise happens when those threats aren’t discovered, or it is expected to be somewhere else. Has no idea its happening. 9/11 was a tactical surprise . A tactical surrise is of a different magnitude and cannot be fully/ wholly avoided. Know that there is a high likelihood of an attack, but do not know when and where it will happen. - On its own, tactical surprise is not of a magnitude to threaten national existense. A lot, though, can mean there is a PROBLEM With Intel. Intel community has much of the knowledge and expertise on Nat’l Security issues. Intel community tends to have higher stability than foreign affairs and defense agencies. Policy makers need tailored meaning written for their specific needs. Timely intelligence, to provide backround, context, and info, and warnings, the intel agency gives them this. Intel and Policy are separate functions. Government= run by the policy makers, intel has
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intel test notes part one - What is Intelligence?...

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