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Aug. 30 th The CIA: What is intelligence: Information, knowledge of the world around us; Information related to national security. Foreign intelligence: information on foreign governments. Information collected: mostly foreign, mostly related to threats to national security. What is a threat? The nature of a threat changes, it has gotten very large. Is illegal immigration a threat to national security? Economic threats to NS. Threats to oil supplies can be a specific economic threat. Being concerned with national security, Our Friends and Allies intelligence concerns us too. Its often that allies do not share information even with their friends. Ex. Iran situation now. Is the import of foreign goods national security? It is intelligence also to decipher what the exporting country thinks about it. Economic security is also a matter of intelligence. Intelligence issues: Deals in the world of secrets. What are different countries doing with their troops, weapons, etc. Ex. Turkey and troops, etc. Intelligence must find what they are doing. Don’t confuse intelligence with truth. We are dealing in a world of information gaps. Objectivity:
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polsci199Dnotes - Aug. 30th The CIA: What is intelligence:...

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