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psych GRE notes - Process schizophrenia- slow and insidious...

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Process schizophrenia- slow and insidious development; recovery very poor Reactive schizophrenia- symptoms intense and sudden; recovery better DSM-IV defines five subtypes: Catatonic-disturbance in motor behavior; alternation between no movement or excessive movement Paranoid- preoccupation with one or more delusions or frequent auditory hallucinations; relative preservation of cognitive and affective functionining Disorganized- (formerly called hebephrenic schizophrenia), characterized by flat or inappropriate affect, disorganized speech and behavior Undifferentiated- does not fit into the other categories Residual- used when there has been previous schizophrenic episode but positive symptoms are not currently displayed; patients may still show disturbances and negative symptoms Dopamine hypothesis-dopamine plays certain role in movement and posture; delusions and hallucinations a result of excess dopamine at certain sites in the brain or dopamine levels are the same but there is oversensitivity to dopamine Double-blind hypothesis: theory holds that as a child, the person with schizophrenia received contradictory and mutually incompatible messages from his or her primary caregiver (usually the mother); disorganized messages become internalized MOOD DISORDERS Major depressive disorder-characterized by at least one major depressive episode for at least 2 weeks; symptoms must cause significant distress and/or impairment in functioning; 15% of people with this disorder die by suicide Bipolar disorders-formerly known as manic-depression; characterized by mania and depression; manic episodes have persistent elevated mood, flight of ideas, increased self- esteem, judgment impaired, sexual and other restraints are lowered; Bipolar I has manic
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psych GRE notes - Process schizophrenia- slow and insidious...

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