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Psych GRE notes 2 - (Picture of the lobes) -in humans...

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(Picture of the lobes) -in humans amount devoted to association areas is substantially larger than the amount devoted to projection areas; opposite in animals -damage to prefrontal cortex will cause person to be more impulsive and less in control of behavior -1950s: prefrontal lobotomies were used to treat schizophrenia; inserted scalpel and disconnected the frontal lobe from the limbic system -Motor cortex: -initiates voluntary motor movements by sending neural impulses down the spinal cord; a projection area (Picture of the somatosensory cortex) Broca’s area: vitally important for speech production; usually in “dominant” hemisphere Parietal Lobe: -somatosensory cortex located here -this projection area is the destination for all incoming sensory signals for touch, pressure, temperature, and pain -closely related to motor cortex and systems often called sensorimotor cortex -central region associated with spatial processing and manipulation Occipital: -rear of the brain, contain visual cortex called striate cortex; important advances in better understanding of this lobe due to Hubel and Wiesel on perception -have been implicated in learning and motor control Temporal Lobes: -Wernicke’s area: associated with language reception and comprehension; enables us to understand spoken language -serves in memory processing, emotional control, and language
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Psych GRE notes 2 - (Picture of the lobes) -in humans...

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