The Four Loves

The Four Loves - The Four Loves By devouring we are being...

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The Four Loves: By devouring we are being devoured. Playing a game with others. For Lewis sense of identity as an individual is an illusion. We are always in relationships, who we are is a consequence of those relations. Think of our identities as product of certain achievements, etc…implies a certain relationship that one has to their world. Apology of kinds of relations: Risky forms of analysis…tend to be exhaustive, types tend to be of equal importance… sustainable, types are sometimes in relation to one another… Sense to extrapolate from certain things…vulnerable to weaknesses etc. . There are objections to be made in relation to the typology of these relationships…the last of them must permeate from the initial 3, distinguishable kind of relationship, but they are so in ways that are in relation to one another. In Christian theology, there is an importance that one has a relationship with God by avoiding relationships with other things… what hopes are gai Lewis is more o a positive person with regards to relationship to God and is not an ascetic/Monky…ought not to think in terms of the negative but the positive things that come out of authentic relationships with things in the world. Distinction between need love and gift love- between love as expression of need/desire, or my love as a representation of my self-sacrifice, etc… Seems at first that to love out of need and desire is human or questionable, and to love out of sacrifice and self-denial is divine-like and admirable… Lewis doesn’t want to set it up this way, he doesn’t want to remove desire and need from the positive… People who relate to someone with excessive needs/desires… To Lewis-we move to God by means of our potentials, variations Use of religion to talk about relationship with God/Christ is a product of relationships to other people Relationships are not easy to Lewis, its easier for us to think of our identity as self important. . Relationships set up pleasure.
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The Four Loves - The Four Loves By devouring we are being...

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