CSLewisreviewsheet - Ransom- philologist, of great...

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Unformatted text preview: Ransom- philologist, of great character, offers himself as a ransom to many Hyoi-Hrossi friend, killed by Westons shotgun, teaches Ransom language, customs, nature of the Malecandrans, love for one another, difference in the clases Weston physicist, invents special space ship to go to malacandra, kidnaps Ransom Devine- went to school with Ransom, but didnt get along, business partner of Weson greedy, wants gold on Malecandra, kidnaps Ransom, gets 7 douches, in the end thinks of himself as a brave man dying facing a courageous cause, does not see the wrong in trying the kill the malecandrans or Ransom Oyarsa- very powerful eldila, control the nature of the planets in the solar system, represent the planets they are from, oyarsa of earth-thulcandra= satan The Voice Hnoo- hrossi, leads the oyarsa and devine and ransom Hnakra- aggressive water beast that Ransom encounters at first when he gets a sip of water from the rver Hrossi- look like otters, taller, slimmer than humans, live in the handramit, make poetry but wont write it down because books ruin wordspart of the hnau, the heart of the hnau, folklorists, seem to be very intelligent, although not technical, put H before everything, hrossi dont kneel, horossa are extravagant and fantastic in jokes Eldil- unbent, unfallen angels, , the eldila of the silent planet are fallen, bent, dark eldila demons- Oyarsa of Earth is Satan Sorns- Mind of the Hnau, intellegentsia, thin, 15 ft high slightly man shaped, 7 fingers, pale feathers, raise livestock, live in the harandra (high country), scholars, thinkers, specialize in science, abstract learning, higher technically than hrossi, design what the Augray- a sorn that takes ransom to oyarsa, explains the intricacies of the different hnau pfiltriggi build. Hrossa are better at poetry and folklore and such sorns are ironic when it comes to jokes Pfiltriggi- small heads with a brain bulge at the back, look llike frogs in the body, quick movements, insectlike, builders and technicians of malacandra, build houses and what the sorns design. Miners, dig up suns blood- gold, wear goggles and clothes, pfiltriggi ares harp and jokes abusivefemales higher status in pfiltriggi- kanakabera- pfiltriggi who advises Ransom on the intricacies of Pfiltriggi life and more insight into the relationships between the hnau Each race is unique and dont try to be the best because they are better at other things, when ransom meets Oyarsa- Malderon energy of the hnau- mine the gold, etch history into the stone Maledril Perelandra: ch. 1 Synopsis - The first chapter of Perelandra opens much like chapter one of Out Of The Silent Planet - with a pedestrian walking along a country road. Only this time the hiker is the narrarator, presumably Lewis himself. He struggles along against unseen forces who make innocent things appear ominous to him. Finaly he arrives at his destination, Prof. Ransom's cottage, only to find an ominously shaped box and a nearly destination, Prof....
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CSLewisreviewsheet - Ransom- philologist, of great...

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