Term 3 GW notes part 1

Term 3 GW notes part 1 - Term 3 GW notes: -How does the...

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Term 3 GW notes: -How does the skepticism affect scientific community? - lack of trust of environmentalists, politicization, etc. Evangelicals? Oppose the science or the environmental activists? -distrust in an environmental movement -misunderstanding science -distrust of political figures -questioning moral and ethical authority over policy. Who has the right to decide how we will deal with global warming? -Religion- what would Jesus drive? -worshipping the earth and not God- - denial The vast majority of the scientists out there agree with the consensus view- - a lot of evolutionary scientists cover up anti-evolutionary evidence - 11/29/07 - The Kyoto Protocol, IPCC - Intergovernmental Panel n Climate Change - IPCC workshop group one paper - IPCC doesn’t actually do its own research, oversees scientists who come from all over the world. review existing literature on Climate Change - On average every five years they publish a report- first came out in 1995 - Don’t tell you how to actually reduce CO2- but leave it up to - Criticism that the actual work that goes into the IPCC could be used to actually help with the Climate Change research. - Nobel Peace Prize, Chairman and first authors of each of the sections - The mission of the IPCC is to provide an up to date summary of the climate science. - Does not do research on its own, policy neutral, although does make suggestions on solutions, tries to bring forth a large consensus view of the climate community. - IPCC administration decides what will be the topics they want to have information on. Various working groups of experts in the various fields, write a summary of that heading, - Even though it represents scientific consensus, it still goes through governments, and governments try to change wordings of some of the findings to try to make it
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Term 3 GW notes part 1 - Term 3 GW notes: -How does the...

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