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Israeli Palestinian Conflict Notes

Israeli Palestinian Conflict Notes - Palestinian...

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Palestinian Perspective- Day 2 Arabic Jews, primitive When Jews enter Arab world, Arabs will encounter modernity, which they lack…didn’t have the tools at the time to use the land, came from the Jews Linkage-note that when there are 2 different narratives, ability to shift b/t the narratives as appropriate- allows movement back and forth between them without a reconciliation Shows new body of the Jews, strong, powerful, no longer old and weak as in past views- indicative of political rhetoric of the period-geared towards Jewish-Americans-affluent however really trying to appeal to European Jews Zionism perceived as a threat to the Ottoman Empire-changes the equation of Jeewish experience in N. Africa/Middle East Saaid in ? of Palestine, 1979 At the time text was written, there was no prominent history of Palestinian people written by Palestinian The Palestinians were there before the Zionists came… most rudimentary claim- had to be asserted in 1979 b/c it wasn’t spoken of in the classroom Argues- Zionism must be understood in the context of European imperialism of the 19 th century-when we take serious the history of imperialism we also have to take seriously the history of anti-semitism Why is there not a lot of scholarship on the Palestinians at the time? Zionism has erased the Palestinian interpretation, trying to salvage what was left Struggle b/t interpretation and a denial, trying to struggle to replace obscured history More historical explanation- not a lot of archival information-hard to piece together the history Why?-Palestinian-predominantly rural, illiterate population-only oral tradition, not a lot of writing- a lot of the history is lost 1948-49 war- standard historical version is that Palestinians were forced out of their lands
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Israeli Palestinian Conflict Notes - Palestinian...

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