psc178spr08 - American Constitutional Development II...

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1 American Constitutional Development II Political Science 178 Erwin Chemerinsky Law School Room 3176 (919) 613-7173 E-mail: [email protected] Spring 2008 SYLLABUS 1. Course content : The course will focus on individual rights under the United States Constitution. The course material will be divided into four units. Unit I will focus on freedom of religion under the First Amendment. Unit II will focus on protection of rights under the due process clause, especially privacy rights such as protection for autonomy in family decisions, reproductive decisions, sexuality, and medical care decisions. Unit III will focus on equal protection, especially on racial equality under the Constitution. Finally, unit IV will look at issues concerning civil liberties and the war on terrorism. 2. Assignments : A detailed schedule of assignments and outline of the course are attached. The required text is Erwin Chemerinsky, Constitutional Law (Aspen 2d 2005) and its 2007 Supplement. The average assignment will be approximately 50 pages per week. 3. Evaluation : All students will be required to take a mid-term and a final examination. The mid-term will count for 40% of the grade and the final will count for 60% of the grade.
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psc178spr08 - American Constitutional Development II...

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