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NICHOLAS SCHOOL OF THE ENVIRONMENT AND EARTH SCIENCES DIVISION OF EARTH AND OCEAN SCIENCES S YLLABUS FOR E ARTH AND O CEAN S CIENCES 155: G LOBAL W ARMING ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “By the influence of the increasing percentage of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, we may hope to enjoy ages with more equable and better climates, especially as regards the colder regions of the Earth…” Svante Arrhenius, Chemist, 1908 “For the first time in history, my community has had to use air conditioners. Imagine that, air conditioners in the Arctic!” Sheila Watt-Cloutier Inuit Activist, 2007 “With all of the hysteria, all of the fear, all of the phony science, could it be that man-made global warming is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people? It sure sounds like it.” James M. Inhofe, Senator (Oklahoma), member of US. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, 2003 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C OURSE S UMMARY : This course examines the issue of global warming. We will look at the symptoms of climate change, the evidence linking warming to human causes, the nature of climate models and prediction, and the cultural and political challenges a warming planet will bring. Moving from agriculture, to atmospheric sciences, to geology, to engineering, we will discuss possible solutions and the innovative technologies that seek to address our potential climate crisis. Despite a global scientific consensus, the denial of an anthropogenic cause for climate change remains a powerful political and economic voice in the United States. Our course will explore the cultural, religious, and economic factors that feed this public controversy in North America. I NSTRUCTOR : Alexander Glass O FFICE : Old Chemistry Building Room 319 E- MAIL : [email protected] W EB ACCESS : Blackboard Class Site at O FFICE P HONE : 684-6167 O FFICE H OURS : Monday 1-3pm, Friday 10-Noon; walk-in any time or by appointment There is also a dry-erase board on my door where you can leave me a message. C LASS T IME : Tu, Th 10:05pm – 11:20pm C LASS L OCATION : Old Chemistry Building 201 R EQUIRED TEXTBOOK : Global Warming: The Complete Briefing (3 rd Edition) by John Houghton (Cambridge University Press, 2004). 1
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L EARNING O UTCOMES Students who successfully complete all of the class requirements of EOS 155 will have an understanding of: the geological, biological, and atmospheric processes involved in climate change the evidence in support of human-induced global warming the strength and weaknesses of climate models
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