Totalitarianism - Essay #1 12/7/04 A totalitarian regime...

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Essay #1 12/7/04 A totalitarian regime has one ultimate goal: global domination. There are many means to arrive at that end, i.e. secret police, oppression, propaganda, and laboratories, enacted in the Nazi regime in the form of the Gestapo and concentration camps. The totalitarian governments that want to have a mere chance at succeeding must have global expansion and domination in mind as they set out to turn the impossible into what is real. For that is what a totalitarian society is, the fictional utopia that a despot or leader has envisioned coming into reality. Totalitarian regimes came to rise through imperialism and the expansion and overtake of territories, causing all of those who were outside of the totalitarian regime to become “the mob” and those within it, who did not fit the fictitious mold that the regime was seeking, were, in a Simone De Beauvoir sense, “the other.” Arendt’s argument regarding the global nature of totalitarian government is that a totalitarian government is doomed to failure if it does not have its sights set on global domination. Totalitarian regimes have to be expansionist; they have to take over more and more territory. When they stop expanding, they lose their ability to remain totalitarian and they are no longer in the position to have a “superior” attitude over “the other” because the other stops existing. For totalitarian regimes to prosper and grow, they have to rid themselves of their “nation-state.” If there is a nation-state that is totalitarian, with a normal outside world surrounding it, there exists the potential for leakage of information to the inhabitants of the totalitarian state that there is a better society out there. This causes tensions and uprising. As long as the totalitarian regimes have
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Totalitarianism - Essay #1 12/7/04 A totalitarian regime...

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