2nd term part 1

2nd term part 1 - 2 nd term: Poli Sci notes Human...

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Unformatted text preview: 2 nd term: Poli Sci notes Human Intelligence 10/2/07 Premise of Spying: you want to go into a foreign government, you want to know what theyre planning and what they are gong to do. Unless you can get a spy into the office of a foreign prime minister, your spying is hard to get what you want- need human sources in terms of collecting intelligence. Case officers- intelligence officers who operate overseas- 1947 charter gave Typically meet people by doing what they like to do, strike up a relationship on them. o Case o Developmental o Pitch- lots of pitches get turned down- o Asset o Handler Look for someone with access to information, then you make your pitch, what will intice someone to be a spy? You are essentially asking someone to be a traitor to their country. Common Pitches: o Money o Ego- retribution o Ideology o Coercion Once you have an asset, you handle them, until they are exhausted of their need Must keep in mind when looking for asset o Can they pass the information onto you in some way or another o Must make sure they are fit for the job, can do it with the risks. Many of the businesses involved must be satisfied, kept happy o Set up a nice relationship with the. o Must make sure the person has access to a lot of good information, communications officers, etc. Some important questions are raised when dealing with Human Intelligence: o Are there people that you dont want to make the pitch to? Deutch Rules: o Wanted Directorate of Ops to scrub their assets \ o Most Spies operate under Diplomatic cover to qualify for Diplomatic Immunity If country gets angry, the spy gets sent home- less hostile with diplomats o Big spy flop with France o Embassy officers meeting with French high-tech industries, started meeting with them and the French got angry and made a large public stink about it, they formally kicked the spies out of the country- very strange, normally the French would just ask the ambassador to take the spies out and not make a big stink. o However, it is usually much quieter However, if you are using diplomatic cover, there is a red flag on you when you enter, its kind of hard to have good cover- most diplomats are brought under immediate attention When there is anger towards a country, you close down your embassy and bring home your ambassadors and embassy employees, o Diplomatic cover = official cover- there is also non official cover o Non-official Cover goes by NOC- Non-Official Cover What is an advantage of being a NOC- not in position of high visibility. The govt doesnt watch you when you are brought into the country. Sometimes diplomats are followed, apts bugged, etc....
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2nd term part 1 - 2 nd term: Poli Sci notes Human...

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