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John Keravich Professor Harris August 5, 2007 English 122 Loneliness is Common Theme in Hull and Sanchez’s Poems Lynda Hull and Sonia Sanchez both have life experiences that developed their character and personalities; their poems clearly reflect the tribulations the women encountered on their journey to becoming successful writers. “Night Waitress” and “Song No 3” written by Hull and Sanchez, respectively, are excellent examples of common themes and experience the women share. Both of the poets had a broken home life, and through the characters in the poems there is a theme of loneliness, the desire to be wanted, an awareness of their appearance, and no evident resolution demonstrated. Hull and Sanchez both had unstable childhoods; Hull ran away at the age of sixteen to pursue an education, and Sanchez’s mother passed away when she was only a year old (The Academy of American Poets). Hull faced multiple marriages; whereas Sanchez divorced. However, both of the women married men who immigrated to the United States. The women also moved around frequently, which does not facilitate a good environment for stability (The Academy of American Poets). Between the failed marriages, frequent moves, and broken family lives, the women had a lot of similar experiences they reveal through their poems. Hull ran away from her home when she was sixteen years old to attend Princeton University. She married a Chinese immigrant and spent the next portion of her life moving around to different China Towns with her husband. Hull and her family did not reconcile until 1952, and two years later she was remarried (The Academy of American
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Poets). Hull is, without a doubt, a strong woman that overcame hardships such as a troubled childhood, followed directly by unstable adulthood, to become a successful poet. Hull uses poetry to reflect and explain the issues she faced in her life such as loneliness, desire, and discontent. Sanchez uses poetry as a similar outlet for her emotions and feelings. Sanchez’s childhood instability started at an earlier age than Hull’s; she was motherless by the age of one. She had to move in with her grandmother and other relatives, until moving in with her father and sister in Harlem. Her unstable childhood carried on into adulthood when she married a Puerto Rican immigrant and changed her name from Wilsonia Benita to Sonia Sanchez. Her husband and her divorced, and she
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essay 5 - John Keravich Professor Harris August 5, 2007...

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