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7-Eleven - Int Retail HW - Lorena Galindo Sanz 7-Eleven...

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Lorena Galindo Sanz 7-Eleven Case International Retailing 1. Is the retailer classified as a global retailer or multinational retailer? Explain its pattern of expansion. What expansion strategy did/is the retailer use/using? Global retailers are centralized, standardized. They are also small in scale so that it is possible to develop business format franchises for the system. They also tend to have a standard format so that they can be replicated rapidly in new locations. 7-eleven established model markets to teach principles and benefits of retailer initiative to its employees worldwide which are representative of their standardized format. It uses various expansion strategies such as franchising, licensing and joint-venture. 7-Eleven started first expanding by geographical proximity to Canada and Mexico (joint-venture) and then continued to expand to more developed countries such as Japan and Australia, to finally less developed countries such as Malaysia, Guam, and the Philippines. 2. Based on Dunning’s Eclectic Theory, how do ownership, locational, and internalization factors play in your retailer’s international expansion? Ownership advantages include innovative or unique products or processes the company can use
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7-Eleven - Int Retail HW - Lorena Galindo Sanz 7-Eleven...

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