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Anthro Study Guide - Study Guide- Intro to Indigenous...

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Study Guide- Intro to Indigenous Peoples of the Americas 1455 bull Romanus Pontifex- Pope Nicholas V declaring Portugal’s right to claim, conquer and enslave all indigenous non-Christian people in Africa, the New World, and all undiscovered lands; also encouraged conversion of Indigenous people to fight evil. 1493 bull Inter Caetera - Pope Alexander VI declaring Spain’s right to claim and conquer all the lands west and south of Azores or Cape Verde 1510 Requerimiento- Juan López de Palacios Rubios- justified assertion that God , through Jesus Christ/Pope ruled over Earth; gave Spain sovereignty over the Americas. o Indigenous people are barbarous, use of Christianity to govern non- Christians if successful love/charity but resistance war/enslavement 1537 Sublimus Dei- Pope Paul III forbids/condemns enslavement of American indigenous peoples rational beings w/ souls & right to liberty/property; those who disagree "enemy of human race". 1823 Johnson vs. McIntosh - US Supreme Court private citizens cannot purchase lands from Native Americans o US gov’t had title European colonization Native Americans sell only to the U.S. gov’t
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Anthro Study Guide - Study Guide- Intro to Indigenous...

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