study - wording of the questions are open to interpretation...

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Survey-  Versatile- wide range of uses Efficient- a lot of information quickly, cheap Generalizability- standardized results Interview-  Individual Perspective if interviewer is good subject can be lead  time consuming unreliable; interviewer has to be great for great results Focus group-  “group interview” cheap immediate emotional response  each focus group has to be homogeneous questions or subject has to be broken up in order to be clear  people can be influenced by others in the room
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Unformatted text preview: wording of the questions are open to interpretation Experimental designs (lab experiments)- Unsurpassed control Best used in psychological tests where there is more control over questions must manipulate independent variable to have control Field experiments- might show unreliable results because life is not predictable expensive Observational study- supplement surveys or interviews time consuming people can change responses if they catch on...
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