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In The Game Discussion Questions Anderson claims that contemporary institutions of sport in the United States produce and sustain a homophobic and conservative gender ideology despite the fact that cultural homophobia has declined considerably in the United States over the last two decades. What evidence does Anderson provide to support his claim about a decline in cultural homophobia? According to Anderson, what specific characteristics of sporting institutions keep them “behind the times” with respect to homophobia and gender ideology? Anderson describes sport as a masculinizing institution. What does he mean by this? He describes sport as advancing a culturally hegemonic version of masculinity that devalues women and stigmatizes homosexuality. Consequently, Anderson finds it surprising that young gay males would participate in sport in the first place. What are the attractions and detractions to sport participation among gay men according to Anderson? Are you persuaded by his account? Anderson contends that it is easier for particular gay athletes to come out than others.
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