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Growing the Game Discussion Questions Question for entire class: Distinguish between small and big market teams in baseball and give examples of each. What distinctive strategies are used by big and small market franchises, respectively, in the search for and development of talent around the globe? Distinguish between Tiers 1, 2, and 3 nations with respect to the prospects and practices of MLBI’s effort to “grow the game” of baseball. Give examples of each and explain why they are categorized in the tier they occupy, according to Klein. Dependency theory views MLB as a colonizer, exploiting foreign players to fill its rosters and selling itself around the world to build new markets. What evidence from Klein’s account supports the notion that MLB is a colonizer? What evidence does he provide to suggest that baseball is more of an “internationalizer,” without the negative trappings of colonization?
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Unformatted text preview: Give examples from several nations to support your position According to Klein, why has baseball had such a difficult time taking root in England? What is the future of baseball there? According to Klein, Europe is a tier three baseball region, but considerable variation exists in the European context. Why does he classify Europe as a tier three nation? Where does Italy stand on the continuum of European baseball, according to Klein, and what prevents it from moving up as a tier two or one nation? What are the major challenges to Growing the Game in South Africa? Why, nevertheless, does South Africa remain as an appealing context for Growing the Game? Klein distinguishes between testicular and tough-love strategies of growing the game. Distinguish between these strategies. Which does Klein advocate for the future of Major league baseball and why?....
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