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LAB Report - Juan Robledo Heat of Reaction Lab#6 1...

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Juan Robledo 5/12/09 Heat of Reaction – Lab #6 1. Introduction This experiment consists of calculating the enthalpy of a reaction by recording the change in temperature that occurs during a chemical reaction. Some of the major concepts used in this experiment include: heat, heat capacity, enthalpy, and calorimetry. 2. The Experimental Section First, make a calorimeter by using a Styrofoam cup and covering it with a lid that has 2 holes in it. Insert a temperature probe or thermometer into one of the holes in the lid, and a stirrer into the other hole in the lid. Measure out 20mL NaOH and 50mL vinegar solution (~5% acetic acid in water by mass). Open the lid and add the solution with the largest volume to the calorimeter. Close the lid and begin collecting temperature versus time data. Wait until the temperature of the solution remains constant for at least 30 seconds, then quickly open the lid and add the second solution. Close the lid immediately and gently stir the solution using the stirrer. Continue collecting temperature
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