Syllabus Chem 115 - Keep this Syllabus as a reference...

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Keep this Syllabus as a reference throughout the semester CHEM 115 General Chemistry I Fall 2007 CH115-1C MWF 10:00-10:50am Dr. Joe March Office: CHEM 286 Email: CH115-3A MW 4:00-5;15 pm Dr. Tracy Hamilton Office: CHEM 277 Email: CH115-2E TTh 2:00-3:15 pm Dr. Joe March Office: CHEM 286 Email: Co-Registration in a recitation section (CH115R) is required. All recitation sections meet in CHEM/GA 259/260 Goals of the General Chemistry Program 1. Develop in the student an understanding of the methodology of science. 2. Generate a basic understanding of the fundamental concepts of atomic structure, chemical bonding, chemical periodicity, and properties of the states of matter that result from aggregate structure. 3. Impart in students the ability to utilize the periodic table in understanding and explaining chemical behavior and properties. 4. Ensure that students can read (qualitative/quantitative) a chemical equation, predict chemical reactions, and understand the energetics and kinetics associated with chemical reactivity. 5. Develop quantitative skills that permit the student to solve real problems, which exemplify the basic chemical concepts, i.e. numerical and conceptual problem solving. 6. Reinforce the teaching of basic chemical concepts by giving the students a feeling of the way chemistry impacts the world about them and their future careers. 7. Provide the tools that the student will need to function as a chemically literate person in a technological world. Required Material Textbook: Chemistry The Molecular Science, 3 rd Edition, Moore, Stanitski, Jurs Clicker: A personal response system will be used in this course to assess understanding and provide a means of extra credit. Calculator: An inexpensive calculator is required. The calculator should have capabilities for square roots, logarithms, and exponentiation (antilogarithms), and exponential notation (scientific notation). The calculator will be used on homework assignments, quizzes, exams, and in the laboratory. Class Handouts: You should obtain a copy of each handout when distributed in lecture, discussion, or laboratory. If you miss one, you should print a copy of the handout from the CH 115 Web page. Optional Material Solutions Manual: A student solutions manual is available for you to purchase with your textbook. Students find it helpful to consult this manual as they work homework problems. 1
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Prerequisites: Completed CH 100 or 1 year of High School Chemistry with C or higher; completed MA 106 with C or higher or concurrent enrollment in MA 106 or MA 125. Students that do not meet the prerequisites for this course will be administratively dropped. You should be concurrently enrolled in CH 116 (General Chemistry I Lab), although this is not mandatory. Prior to enrollment in CH 115, the student must be able to
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Syllabus Chem 115 - Keep this Syllabus as a reference...

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