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History 306 Spring 2008 Professor Gold Essay Assignment Last month presidential contender Hillary Clinton tried to evade responsibility for some unfortunate items in her college wardrobe by saying, “It wasn’t my fault. It was the ’60s.” * But in American discourse “the sixties” means more than regrettable clothing styles. The phrase often evokes two interconnected social upheavals: the civil rights struggle and the New Left. By now you have read, heard and viewed a good deal of information about both movements. ** Your assignment is to write a 5-7 pp. analytic essay that compares and contrasts the two. You may wish to consider the following dimensions of each social movement: 4 participants’ concepts of freedom 5 their notions of moral obligation 6 their engagement with Cold War ideology and politics 7 their interactions with government authorities and other “powers that were” That’s not an exhaustive list of potential themes, so feel free to add others if you wish. I
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