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-1 1. The popular stereotypes of Cavalier and Yankee had a real basis in the regional cultures of New England and the Chesapeake in the eighteenth century. Write an essay on the origins and development of these regional cultures and compare them with one another. Conclude with a brief statement about their long-term impact upon American history. Stereotypes: Yankee: New England. Cities or villages rather than large farms. They created high schools and colleges for their children, building human capital that was highly valued in growing cities. Yankee cultural traits included an emphasis on education and an appreciation of complex social structures that emphasized brainpower over manual skills, and favored intricate corporate structures. Cavaliers: Chesapeake Region. Large Plantations. No focus on education. Berkeley proud of the lack of schools in VA. Focus on production rather than trade. Proud and flashy. Wannabe aristocrats. Cultural Impact: Yankees dominate New England and American business, finance, philanthropy, and higher education. 2. The simultaneous development of slavery for West Africans and freedom for white men is one of the primal events in American history. Virginians were among the most eloquent spokesmen for freedom and equality in the era of the American
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essays.wps - 1 The popular stereotypes of Cavalier and...

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